Our firm represents companies of all sizes, from small limited liability companies to large corporations, in making strategic decisions that help them attain their business objectives on an ongoing basis. 

Our corporate attorneys understand how important it is that our legal services be efficient, cost-effective, and comprehensive. Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking business and tax planning advice regarding entity selection when forming a business, you are a member of a well-established company negotiating the acquisition of a business or the terms of a non-compete agreement, you are involved in litigation of a contract or other business dispute, or you need to develop a succession plan for your limited liability company, our lawyers will carefully tailor a solution designed to address your unique concerns.

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs):

LLCs have become the most flexible and preferable entity for most operating businesses. They combine tax planning flexibility with administrative simplicity, legitimate asset protection, and a built-in plan for succession of interest after the business owner retires or dies.

LLCs provide a powerful tool for estate planning, too. Families who may not operate going businesses can still benefit from the protection and flexibility that LLCs provide, by creating a proven and reliable structure to manage and distribute family property to children or future generations.